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  Oral tradition in Africa is as old as Africa itself. For centuries, African stories have been told and retold to generations such that these stories now form a part of our everyday teachings on morality and ethics. However, they still remain oral traditions and if these stories are not documented for posterity’s sake, they will gradually fade off.  
What then will we leave for our children?
  This is why ourmake a difference campaign is collating a collection of children’s books with African themes so that our children and others around the world will have the opportunity to share in these African folktales. As accustomed as our children are to the fairy tales outside Africa, there is the need for them to hear our folklores that are so rich in teaching lessons applicable to every aspect of life.  
  We believe that we have much to offer the world and this special collection of children’s books will be available for sale throughout the world. Not only are these books entertaining, there are also educative and will help our children understand the principles guiding their world.  


The funds raised through the sale of these books will be channelled into the make a difference campaign to inspire/support our African children. We will appeal to everybody both of African and non African descent to support us by the purchase of these books as this will go a long way in the realization of our goal.  
  We are all part of this tradition. We have to keep it for as long as Africa is.