Moments with Mo



  Moments with Mo
Moments with Mo, is the anchor project of Inspire Africa, which is the brain child of Nigerian business woman and role model, Mo Abudu. It is a daily talk show programme, and the first syndicated talk show in Africa hosted by Mo Abudu, and aired on MNet across 48 African countries and on Terrestrial TV, in Nigeria and in the U.K
Moments with Mo, in just over a year of it’s existence, has changed the face of African TV, by gearing its show towards a new, stronger and more independent Africa that speaks for itself, celebrates itself, and solves its own problems, rather than waiting for salvation and representation from the western world. This is why the show is partnering with the Inspire Africa Foundation, UNICEF, and Lagos State Government to help the cause of Street Children in Lagos state.
Launched on the 7th of November, 2007, the show has recorded over a hundred and fifty episodes ranging through a host of topics on relationships, lifestyles, health, achievements and has had a wide range of guests, from presidents, governors, C.E.Os, Artists and even ordinary everyday people, doing extra-ordinary things.
In its 5th season, Moments with Mo is set to continue showcasing the greatness of Africa, emphasizing the new contemporary Africa, and most importantly, impelling the ‘Yes, I Can’ attitude.
For more information about the show, please visit: www.momentswithmo.tv